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THE ASSASSIN OF THE TSAR: Deaf Crocodile To Release Karen Shakhnazarov's Mystery This Spring


Deaf Crocodile Films will be releasing Karen Shakhnazarov’s time-traveling historical mystery The Assassin of the Tsar, starring Malcolm McDowell this Spring.

A mysterious and labyrinthine psychological drama in which the tormented chambers of a patient’s mind come to warp everything around him, even the folds of history itself. Timofeyev, a severe schizophrenic in a dreary Soviet mental hospital is convinced that, impossibly, he’s the killer of two Tsars: Alexander II in 1881 and Nicholas II in 1918. The sympathetic head of the hospital, Dr. Smirnov is determined to cure Timofeyev of his madness – but instead finds himself literally pulled back through time, inhabiting the ghosts of the past as they march towards their tragic destiny.

Mosfilm has created a 2K restorations of the flick in both English and Russian languages. Shaknazarov shot the film simultaneously in English and Russian on two separate negatives which gives us both versions of the film in this upcoming release. Deaf Crocodile will be releasing it on Blu-ray and digital in the Spring.

Check out the trailer below the full announcement. It's quite captivating to watch.

Read the complete article at Screen Anarchy here.

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